We're Back! and HELP!

Or, at least, we are starting down the road of being back.  Last December we lost the lease to our Immanuel Campus in Jackson, CA.  The good folks of the Immanuel campus are presently worshipping at our Foothill campus in Valley Springs.  However, we have recently purchased property back in Jackson with the hopes of building a new facility and returning to Jackson.  We have one little problem, we don't have the funds to build the facility.  If you would like to help us out, please donate to our "Immanuel Building Fund."  You may do say by clicking on the donation link at the upper right of our Home Page or send donations to made payable to "Zion Lutheran Church" at 105 S Ham Lane, Lodi, CA 95242.  Please make the notation "Immanuel Building Fund" with your donation.

This Week's Sermon


We are presently taking a walk thru the Bible with a Sermon Series titled: "God's Narrative"

This Week's sermon: "Real Power"

Why call this sermon series "God's Narrative?"   Dictionaries refer to "stories" as imaginary.  The Bible is not a "Story" nor is it "The Story."  It is God's narrative, or eyewitness account, of the History of His creation, its fall and its only hope. Our Sermon this Sunday continues the Narrative of Jacob/Israel through his son, Joseph, who was sold into slavery and thrown into prison where he became the warden's right hand man.  When put into a position where he could make himself look good, he instead does what we all should do.  He shows the real power.

Worship, Livestream and Bible Studies

The Livestream link in the Banner at the top of our page is under construction.  We hope to be Live-streaming through our webpage instead of on YouTube in the near future.

Check out the "Worship with us" tab for worship times, links to our livestream and addresses for our three campuses.

Check out the "Bible Studies" tab for times, links to join the Bible Studies via "Zoom" and for printable versions of present and past Bible Studies (free to download and use).  We have three active Bible Studies at this time:

  1. The SDG Bible Study - "Walk Through the Bible"
  2. The SDG Bible Study -  "The Gospel of Luke:
  3. The Sunday Morning Bible Study on the Book of Hebrews
  4. The SDG Bible Study - "Exodus"

Note: SDG is short for the latin "Soli Deo Gloria" which means, "To God Alone be the Glory."  These Bibles studies have been developed to do just that, while also increasing both our faith and knowledge of God's Word.  To help us make God the focus and bring glory to Him, these Bible Studies are free and readily available for download.  You will never see the name(s) of those responsible for the development of these studies because that is not important.  What is important is that these studies focus on God's Word and approach His Word as the inspired and inerrant Word of God.  We'll let Him do the talking through His Word and pray for His Spirit to guide us in the saving truth of His Word.