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Pray for the Persecuted Church
June 8, 2016, 12:00 AM

The World Help organization states, “Reports of obliterated Syrian cities, people running for their lives, and overcrowded refugee camps used to fill our national news. But as ISIS continues to wreak havoc on the Middle East, these stories have all but disappeared from mainstream media.”

The humanitarian crisis has swollen to a breaking point as over 100,000 refugees have fled by sea this year alone! We have read of the deadly chances they are taking on their treacherous journeys over rough waters, starving exhausted and traumatized. For those who do survive they are left freezing and cold and without supplies on the coastline of Greece.

There is, however, a Christian organization who has relief team on the Greece-Macedonian border positioned to help incoming refugees. They are given kits containing essential items, such as water, food, clothing, hygiene items, medicine, diapers, baby formula. Rain gear and blankets. And the greatest gift of all: God’s Word in their native language – Arabic, Farsi, or Kurdish.

Beside your prayers, help is desperately needed. If God so moves you, contact World Help online at or call 1-800-541-6691 toll free with your donation in any amount.

I also encourage those who can attend church to view the prayer board in the hallway outside of the Fireside Room to see the 2016 World Watch List. Many countries are on that list, however North Korea is the most hostile place for Christians for the 14th consecutive year. Thousdands of Christians are incarcerated in prison camps, and many others face arrest, torture, or public execution.

Persecution is spreading in Central Asia, as it was in Africa a few years ago. While this all sounds dismal, it is noteworthy that Iran (of all places) is seeing more people come to Christ than any other country in the Middle East. People are drawn to Christ and the message of the Bible and they want to follow.

So, again, if you are led by God’s Holy Spirit to help our suffering brothers and sisters, you may also consider contributing to the World Help Organization listed above, or, the Lutheran World Relief organization  located online at or by calling 1-800-597-5971.


But please, pray daily for the persecuted church!


Thank you,


Mary Lou R.